Some Reasons to Consider Purchasing Prefabricated Container Buildings

The need for accommodation is growing, but conventional construction costs are increasing. Container buildings offer an affordable and effective alternative. When Malcolm McLean patented the shipping container in 1956, his invention aimed to cut the time spent by dockside workers loading and unloading vessels, thus vastly reducing international shipping costs. He would likely be surprised to learn that, last year, there were thought to be more than 17 million of these rectangular metal boxes worldwide. Of these, most are to be found on the dockside or in container parks.

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A unit will generally remain in service for around 12 years. However, many will have been used only a few times or even just once. While used units can be resold and are readily recyclable, they can also be repurposed to create a wide range of prefabricated buildings. There are several valid reasons why container buildings have become so popular:


  • A Flexible Construction Option: These units can be compared to LEGO blocks, given that their standard shape and sizes make them the perfect starting point for assembling modular structures. They can be joined back to back, end to end, or top to bottom. However, even a single unit can be readily adapted for many purposes, including site offices, park homes, spaza shops, libraries, classrooms, ablution blocks, and clinics.


  • Mobility: These modular structures can be prefabricated, transported, or relocated anywhere by road or rail.


  • Containers are Exceptionally Durable: These sturdy steel boxes are built to withstand rough handling at the dockside and survive the severe weather conditions whilst at sea. Their exceptional durability makes them the ideal choice to adapt as temporary or long-term dwellings. Even after 10 or 12 years of use, they should remain functional for at least another 30 years and considerably more when refurbished and converted by expert engineers.


  • A More Cost-Effective Alternative: Of the many millions of shipping containers in existence, around half are no longer in use. Individuals, developers, and municipalities are increasingly purchasing them to construct various forms of low-cost accommodation. A first-time buyer could be comfortably housed for less than the deposit on a brick-and-mortar home.


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