A Wide Range of New and Used Shipping Containers for Sale in Pretoria

Although around 85% are made in China, one can find shipping containers for sale in most countries. For example, new and used units are available near Pretoria. These highly durable steel boxes have been used to transport sea freight since they were first introduced by an American haulier named Malcolm McLean in 1956.


Their rectangular design enables easy handling by dockside cranes while rendering them equally suitable for transportation by road and rail. Estimates vary, but there are probably at least 17 million units worldwide, of which half are not in use. Those that are in service will generally remain so for about ten years. The net result is that there is always a large number of new and used units awaiting purchase.

Shipping Containers For Sale


Why are People Interested in Shipping Containers for Sale?


There are probably three main reasons for their interest:


  1. Emigration: Many South Africans are moving overseas and need a safe and convenient means to ship bulky personal possessions, such as furniture and vehicles. Because they will probably only use it once, it is more economical to opt for a used unit. Once delivered to the current location, a haulage company will pack it and transport it to the dock for shipment to the destination port and beyond.


  1. A Temporary Storage Facility: Homeowners often need a secure means to store furniture and other valuable items for a few months while their homes are being renovated. Again, a used unit should be adequate, and a rental can often be arranged. Purchasing a container would be more cost-effective for more permanent projects, such as a garage or workshop. In each case, the only modification necessary might be to fit a more secure lock.


  1. Conversion: New and used shipping containers for sale are always high in demand because they are exceptionally durable and highly versatile. Many of those purchased are destined to be transformed into habitable structures as these are far cheaper than conventional buildings and can be completed in a fraction of the time required to build a brick-and-mortar alternative. They offer the additional advantage of being easily transportable by road and rail. They don’t even need to be static but can be permanently mounted on a truck to provide mobile services, such as clinics and libraries. Park homes, site offices, classrooms, and laboratories are just a few of the potential uses for converted shipping containers.


Shipping Containers for Sale Near Pretoria


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