Quality is Critical When Purchasing Reefer Containers

While durable items like furniture can be transported safely in a standard container, perishable goods require the controlled conditions of reefer containers. The term “reefer” is an abbreviated form of the word “refrigerator” and refers to a specialised type of container with a built-in refrigeration unit.

Many of the items shipped today are heat-labile. Any significant deviation from the recommended storage temperature can lead to visible spoilage or loss of potency. When stored in a temperature-controlled environment, most perishable items can withstand lengthy overland journeys and weeks on the sea with no trace of spoilage.

However, exporters and logistic companies should exercise extreme caution when seeking reefer containers for sale, as only top-quality units can be guaranteed to maintain the conditions essential to keep their perishable cargo safe. Once the container is on board, nobody will notice if an ailing refrigeration unit has failed and undertake to fix it.


The Types of Reefer Containers and their Use

Although it is often sufficient to prevent some items from deteriorating by keeping them chilled or frozen, temperature may not be the only parameter that must be controlled in other cases. In practice, there are three types of reefers, each with the abilities necessary for a specified application.

  • Closed Reefers:
    These are the most commonly used types, consisting of a closed container fitted with integral, thermostatically controlled heating and refrigeration units capable of maintaining stable temperatures between -35ºC and 35º C.
  • Modified or Controlled Atmosphere Reefers:
    In addition to enhanced insulation, MA/CA units are designed to maintain a constant internal environment by employing an air exchange control system to replace oxygen consumed by the cargo. For example, controlling the levels of carbon dioxide and oxygen can significantly delay the ripening of fresh fruits.
  • Automatic Fresh Air Management Containers:
    These are the most sophisticated types of reefers for sale currently. AFAM containers are essentially an upgraded version of the MA/CA unit in which a sensor array detects changes in the atmosphere’s composition and automatically makes the precision adjustments necessary to ensure the extended shelf life of their perishable cargo
    In today’s global economy, many countries rely heavily on exports of perishable items like fresh meat and poultry, dairy products, seafood, cut flowers, and medicines. None of these would make it to market without the stable conditions provided by these specialised climate-controlled containers.


Buying Reefer Containers in Pretoria

One cannot overstate the importance of quality when buying reefers. That’s why we at Absolute Containers take every precaution to ensure ours are of the highest possible quality. But don’t take our word for it. Contact us to see for yourself and let us help you make the right choice.