Shipping Containers Rentals

Did You Know You Could Do All This with Shipping Container Rentals?


One of the most functional repurposing efforts we’ve seen in recent years is the adaptation or retrofitting of shipping containers. These sturdy units are perfect for a whole host of uses, partly due to their strong build, partly due to their relative affordability compared to the structure they provide, and partly due to their shape which makes them ideal for modular assembly. However, as useful as they are, it’s not always the most practical to buy and convert shipping containers, especially if they are only needed as a temporary solution. For cases like these, rentals would be the ideal solution.

Now, when people generally think of shipping containers and everything that can be done with them, the option of rentals don’t often come to mind. Sure, rentals are a good option if you’re using shipping containers for temporary storage, but when you convert them for another use, you should surely buy the container first, right?

Well, actually no, not if you get your shipping container rentals through Absolute Containers. We have combined more than 30 years’ worth of experience in this field to bring you innovative designs, exceptional service and quality products, already converted to suit your specific needs – both in terms of usage and to suit the timeframe of your project. If your vision does not require the permanent addition of shipping containers, you can still get the following conversions as rentals through us:

  • Basic Office – This is the ideal solution for construction or development projects where on-site management is required. The sturdy structure provides a safe and secure working solution that is quick and easy to erect and to have removed when done.
  • Insulated Executive Office – This option is suitable for more extensive office work, accommodating executive management, or office requirements in areas where it could be exposed to more extreme weather (such as heat or cold).
  • Park Homes – Require the erection of temporary accommodation that offers security and comfort? This is it.
  • Storage – Of course, this is still the ideal storage solution and we rent units specifically for this purpose.

We do the conversion and deliver the chosen container ready for use to wherever you are in South Africa. At the end of the rental period, we will arrange the collection. Contact the team at Absolute Containers for more information on our shipping container rentals or any other related products or services you require.