Office Containers Offer Businesses a Cost-Effective Temporary Workspace Solution

Providing accommodation can be challenging for businesses that need to relocate regularly. However, office containers will frequently offer the best solution. Let’s say you own a construction company based in Johannesburg, and you have recently been awarded a tender for a lucrative building project in a remote area of the Northern Cape. While you are unlikely to find difficulty recruiting local labourers and transporting craftspeople from your head office, providing workspace could be a problem.


Building office or storage premises on-site from scratch only to abandon them later is hardly cost-effective, but what is the alternative? In practice, you would be better advised to invest in a prefabricated structure that can be transported on a flatbed truck or a freight train whenever and wherever it may be required. A modified steel shipping container could be your best option.


What are Office Containers?


The short answer to this question is – anything you want them to be. Whatever you are building, having a site office where staff can meet, inspect plans, and determine strategies is a necessity. In addition, it can serve as a refuge from the heat when adequately insulated and fitted with air conditioning or a place for workers to find shelter when heavy rain makes it impossible to operate.


If your company is building new homes, once one or two show houses have been completed, that mobile site office could double as a sales office. However, these converted shipping containers offer many more invaluable applications for a business whose role tends to keep it on the move.

Office Container Conversions

For example, transport and building equipment present tempting targets for thieves. Securing these overnight in a sturdy steel box could save thousands of rands and possible penalties for late delivery while awaiting replacements.


Office Containers in Mining and Drilling Operations


Personnel in these industries must often remain far from their homes for many months, making it necessary for companies to provide facilities for their day-to-day living. In addition to serving as mobile offices, shipping containers can be configured to provide sleeping quarters, ablution blocks, recreational facilities, or even an on-site clinic for itinerant workers.


These mineral exploitation industries must also employ analytical chemists and technicians, and a converted shipping container can serve equally well as a mobile laboratory when suitably equipped. Understandably, increased costs and dwindling reserves of oil and ore have increased the demand for these highly cost-effective office containers.


We at Absolute Containers are South Africa’s leading supplier of new and used shipping containers and a specialist in repurposing them. If you need cost-effective mobile accommodation, why not take a few minutes to view some of our past projects?