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At Absolute Containers we offer spaza containers for purchase, that are customized to suit your requirements whether you are looking for a temporary or semi- permanent solution. We use shipping containers to build spaza containers because they offer portable and semi-permanent vending alternatives that allows vendors the freedom to relocate their spaza units to different location’s with ease. Whether you need space for a boutique or a colourful spaza shop our converted spaza containers offer the ideal solution.

Spaza Unit Container Solutions

Optional extras:

  • Bar and refrigerator facilities.
  • Shelving and counters.
  • Paintwork in colours you select.
  • Windows, doors, hatches, or open sides, in configurations of your choosing.
  • Air conditioning and electrical wiring, depending on your requirements.

In recent years, many entrepreneurs in South Africa have decided to make use of spaza containers due to their cost-efficient nature that allows entrepreneurs to capitalize on the gap identified in the economy, ad provide products and services at a lower price due to their location advantage.

Benefits of using a spaza containers

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Spaza containers are mobile and can easily be relocated.


More affordable than obtaining a shop premises from scratch.


Provide the ideal promotion solution for your business.

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Containers are made from steel and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

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Provide security as container doors can be locked, which allows you peace of mind knowing your goods are kept safe.

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Big open access doors.

Our Spaza containers offers various features – each unit is enclosed with a point-of-sale serving hatch that is protected by a galvanised security fence and the bolts used are blind-head tamper-proof allowing you peace of mind. Spaza units are converted from steel shipping containers, remodelled to serve as secure and easily accessible retail space.

Typical uses include:

  • Clothing store.
  • Grocery store.
  • Canteens.
  • Hairdressers.
  • Food vending.

Using shipping containers has more space and allows the owners to create a more sophisticated mini supermarkets. Shipping containers allow entrepreneurs way to their own businesses with little capital, maintain low over-had costs and create a customer- centric shopping experience. When considering what container size to select for a spaza unit consider the following making use of a 12m spaza unit allows for a better customer experience, where a 6m is more affordable and the 3m container provides the perfect solution for entrepreneurs who are starting out.

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