Container Conversion - Prefabricated Buildings

Modular Design for Prefabricated Containers

There are certainly multiple benefits of using a modular design in the construction of prefabricated containers as opposed to other options. In this overview, we have collected a few of the most important ones for you to evaluate before investing in other forms of construction. Although inherently, these have mainly been used in the construction and mining industries, we have seen a significant upswing in the domestic market for this specific type of building procedure.

Versatility at its Best

If you can think of a construction you would need on-site at your home, plot, or business site, we at Absolute Containers could probably build it for you with prefabricated containers. Prefabricated spaces are already being used for storage facilities, administration offices, boardrooms, security offices, kitchens and mess halls, training rooms, clinics and medical facilities, dormitories, and ablution facilities – to mention only a few.

Once the planning has been done and with the relevant local authorities’ approval, they can either be constructed at our premises or on-site at yours.

1, 2, 3 and You’re Done

The containers are generally either 6m or 12m long. They arrive on-site with most of the installations already completed. With experienced technicians, these units are fitted with electric wiring, low theft plumbing, insulation, and wall panels.

Aluminium windows and doors with 3 lever locks are already inserted with security barriers and window blinds, all within the coded specifications of your area or country, offering an immediate, prefabricated inside space solution.

Budget and User Friendly

The modular design of these prefabricated spaces allows you to save vast amounts in transportation costs, which allows you to utilise your construction budgets in other areas.

Once on site, most times, there is very little or no site preparation needed. Our vastly experienced supervisors and assembly teams can participate in the assembly process of the different modules which can be done faster than most other construction methods, even in difficult worksite conditions.

With the assistance of our innovative management personnel, we can assist you with the placement and floor plan of the finished units. The prefabricated containers could stand alone, be connected laterally either as individual units or be interconnected to create wider or longer spaces, or they can be installed one on top of the other to create two-storey buildings.

The quick delivery time and easy construction of these prefabrication containers which could be done on-site or off create quick, quality solutions for complete turnkey projects with the added benefit of being completely 100% relocatable.

That is why Absolute Containers based in Gauteng, with over a decade of satisfied and return clients, is the only choice. We professionally assist with all your requirements from planning to installation. Contact us today.