Used Shipping Containers for Sale or Rent

Looking For Used Shipping Containers for Sale?

Interested in Used Shipping Containers for Sale?


Maybe you are planning to relocate overseas. Perhaps you require some extra storage space or are thinking about a poolside summer house. If so, your most cost-effective option could well be to invest in one or more of the used shipping containers offered for sale for these and similar purposes. When compared with the cost of purchasing new units, the savings can be considerable. Even if your second-hand purchase should have a few scratches, a fresh coat of paint should not take long or cost a fortune.


The simple idea of using a metal box of uniform dimensions and shape to simplify loading and unloading goods has revolutionised the marine freight industry and slashed the cost of transporting goods by sea. The rectangular boxes must stand up to rough handling by dockside cranes and the constant buffeting of high seas. However, when buying used shipping containers for sale, the new owners can rest assured that their rugged construction guarantees many more years of useful life.


If all you need is to provide some secure storage for items that are cluttering up your home or filling your garage, you should need to do no more than provide a suitable concrete base as a foundation and a sturdy lock. Providing the rubber seal on the door is intact, our new sore will be waterproof, and one or two bags of silica gel will stop condensation from forming inside.


The used shipping containers for sale are available in several standard sizes. Of these, the twenty- and forty-foot units are among the most popular, and one or the other should fit comfortably in most gardens. For anyone with the necessary DIY skills, adding a window or two should not pose too much of a problem. However, there are experts whose full-time job is to convert these bland-looking structures into a wide variety of functional and attractive buildings.


Furthermore, their standardised, rectangular box-like form means that these used shipping containers for sale are the ideal components for building modular structures. While a single unit can act as a site or sales office or a poolside bar with an en suite loo and changing room, there are virtually no limits to the elaborate structures that become possible when combining the interior space of two or more units.


For a fraction of the cost of a conventional build and a modest annual payment for the ground rent, those metal boxes could become a luxurious three- or four-bedroom holiday home. If you are interested in a conversion such as this or new and used shipping containers for sale, be sure to contact Absolute Containers.