Ideas for Shipping Container Conversions

7 Amazing Ideas for Shipping Container Conversions


In South Africa, we certainly have no shortage of creative minds and boundless determination to make great things happen. Even when we are faced with limitations or restrictions, we come up with the most innovative solutions to turn even the most ambitious ideas into reality. This boundless creativity is very evident when looking at shipping container conversions. These sturdy units allow for both temporary pop-ups and more permanent installations for a large array of applications.

Shipping container conversions have long been used for a number of situations, including on-site offices on construction sites, nifty locations for spaza shops, and as innovative and cost-effective housing solutions. But there are so many more ways that shipping container conversions can be utilised.

To spur some creative thoughts and opportunities, here are seven additional clever uses for shipping container conversions:

  1. Sanitation Stations

Now, more than ever, the need for sanitation is at the forefront of discussions. Shipping container conversions allow for a clearly designated space for sanitation processes that can double as access control at workplaces.

  1. Ablution Facilities

These units can be converted into fully functional ablution facilities, either for communities in need, large events, at schools, or places of work. This could include showers, toilets, or other means of washing and personal hygiene facilities.

  1. Pop-Up Stores or Galleries

Our country is full of talent. These units are perfect for use as temporary galleries or shops in which to display and trade in the fruit of the labour of our wonderful nation.

  1. Cosy Cafés

Whether you want to start a mobile kitchen, an unconventional little coffee shop, or anything in between, these nifty units can be fitted to contain all the equipment you need while meeting industry standards as required by law.

  1. Workshops

Don’t let the lack of owning a building stand between you and your craft. These containers are ideal for safe and secure workshops from where local craftsmen can practice their trade.

  1. Mobile Clinics

In a country where many communities require medical services but do not necessarily have access to established hospitals and clinics, these containers provide a great solution for mobile or temporary structures to house medical services.

  1. Classrooms

The same goes for making education accessible to all. Whether it is to expand existing facilities or to provide educational opportunities in rural areas, these containers can provide the structure necessary in which to house training classes.

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