How to Choose the Right Container for Your Needs

A Guide to Container Sales

Container sales in South Africa have increased exponentially with many individuals and small businesses opting for containers as a more cost-effective solution to traditional brick-and-mortar premises. Here to provide you with valuable insight on what to consider before purchasing one and to explore several container sales options to suit your specific requirements, is Absolute Containers, the leader in container conversions and modular solutions.


Make a Smart Purchase Decision


Purchasing containers can carry risks and hold few guarantees. We would suggest that before committing to this versatile option, you factor in the following:


  • Weigh the pros and cons of container sales versus renting. If the container is going to be kept for less than three years, perhaps renting a fully furnished one is a better option.
  • Whether you plan on investing in one to use for storage or to modify, we suggest you assess your requirements to determine the size that suits your needs.
  • Should you select a used container, make sure that it is structurally sound and there is no rust or holes, to name a few.
  • As shipping containers are constructed from a variety of materials, it is important to know the composite materials it is made from to ensure long-term strength and durability.


When it comes to container sales, the most crucial factor is ensuring that the chosen supplier is reputable with a proven track record. Absolute Containers ticks all the boxes, guaranteeing that the container selected meets your requirements for storage or modification.


Expanding Your Possibilities


Shipping containers for sale present you with the perfect blank structural canvas to kit out as you see fit. Think of them as building blocks to design according to your specifications, such as combining two containers to create extra length or placing one on top of another to create a double story, constructing your ideal space. We offer containers in various dimensions that are converted on-site to your external and interior design requirements providing you with modern, comfortable living or working quarters.


Container Sales Offer Endless Solutions


From ablution blocks to office containers and more, our bespoke, yet affordable solutions can elevate your home or business:


  1. Park homes

Often referred to as mobile homes, these homes are uniquely designed with mobility in mind. Built on a chassis, they afford simplistic relocation when the need arises. Extra width and attention to aesthetics make this the preferred choice for many businesses.


  1. Modular buildings

If your dream home cannot wait, take advantage of our modular buildings. This flexible option allows us to quickly build on-site as various SIP panels are used during construction which cuts down on time and labour.


Absolute Containers was founded with a vision to deliver pioneering mobile solutions at competitive prices. With a team of innovators, visionaries, and skilled technicians at the helm, your chosen container conversion can be done seamlessly. All you need to do is contact us.

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