Go Green with our converted waste bins

Let’s face it, green is the way to go these days. Everyone is focused on the environment, waste disposal and waste management. Everywhere you look you see bigger and better solutions for a greener environment. Companies are focusing on cleaning up their production in order to streamline their business.

Many companies invest money in a waste skip that can be picked up and emptied once a week. Unfortunately, due to the state of affairs in our country, that isn’t always the most reliable means of waste disposal. Don’t get me wrong, it works, but sometimes drivers will strike or vehicles will break down or the empty skip they deliver smells like it’s been used by a manure farm. And a smelly skip certainly isn’t something you want standing on your premises, do you?

Rubbish has to be disposed of but to have a dirty skip standing on your premises can be an eyesore, especially for new potential customers. Fortunately Absolute Containers have a solution to this specific type of scenario. As you may already know we convert old shipping containers into prefab buildings and offices. But we also make waste bins for businesses. Very nice, rubber lined waste bins.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, what’s the point in having a nice waste bin. After all, waste isn’t a pleasant thing to look at and it’s going to be disposed of anyway. That’s true but having a nice, clean waste bin that serves your business is certainly better than a dirty, disgusting monstrosity lurking somewhere in the back parking lot. And, regarding waste and rubbish, out of sight, out of mind, right?

That’s why our waste containers are the preferred choice. All our waste containers are fitted with a hook lift onto the frame enforced with a 100mm plate for easy transport. It’s also fitted with double doors on one end to facilitate easy waste disposal. The undercarriage is enforced with steel gussets to keep the frame intact and the bottom of the bin is lined with 32mm marine ply but can also be lined with rubber if you prefer. The exterior is painted with your choice of color and the interior is primed to ensure the longevity of your bin. Oh, and the doors are fitted with holding chains to discourage any bin-divers that may frequent the area once your business closes at the end of the day.

We have covered waste bins or open waste bins depending on your specifications. We can also manufacture bins to your specifications according to your waste management needs. Just think, with one of our bins, your business could be geared up to not only serving your customers but serving the environment as well. And that’s an encouraging thought. Green, after all, is the way to go and having a nice clean bin on your property to dispose of waste is definitely green. It promotes cleanliness among your staff and that, in turn, promotes professionalism.

So give us a call or visit our site for more technical information on our bin manufacture. We’re sure we can help you take your business to a new level by going green!