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Frequently asked container rental questions?


  1. Am I allowed to relocate a rented container?

No, if the container has already been delivered to your desired location, you are under no circumstances allowed to relocate or move it without contacting us to assist and providing the required documentation.


  1. How will the rented container be delivered and collected?

Rented containers are delivered by crane truck, arranged by Absolute, that allows the container to be positioned on the ground on the location of your choosing. The site will need to be able to allow access to our crane trucks, and the location for the unit must be open and easily accessible. Should it be a complicated site, a viewing will be required followed by a quotation for a specialised truck. We will also come and collect the container as required by client after collection notice has been received and ample time has been provided in order to ensure collection can successfully take place.

Rented Shipping Containers

  1. Can the container stand on any surface?

The container should be placed on a level and flat surface, such as paving or concrete to ensure the container is flat, otherwise it runs the risk of its doors not being able to open and the container shifting/sinking along with other safety risks. As a client you can also ask for additional concrete blocks to be brought with before delivery takes place if you are uncertain. Please note that this option is subject to availability and will be at the clients’ costs.


  1. What is the minimum and maximum container rental period?

The minimum time that a container can be rented is one month, and there is no specified maximum amount that a container can be rented. If your account is paid up to date you can rent the container if you may require. However, if you intend on renting a container for longer than 3 years you might want to consider buying a container instead as you will be able to customise the container to suit your needs and might save in the long run.