Don’t get left out in the cold this winter!

When shopping for a home people look at two factors. Location and affordability. Well, what if we told you that you can determine those two factors. Especially in regards to location. Curious? Of course you are. Here at Absolute Containers we have dedicated our services to those very same factors, providing affordable, perfectly placed housing. Introducing Absolute Container`s line of beautifully manufactured prefabricated homes. The various uses of shipping containers are simply astounding. You can practically make anything out of them and we have found yet another application.

Lets face it; housing or the availability of housing is a problem in our country. People are always looking for more affordable housing solutions. That is why modular prefabricated housing is such an attractive option. Now you can not only buy an affordable home but you can also choose where to place that home. At Absolute Containers we understand how important the issue of housing is to you. It is, after all, what we do. We manufacture mobile homes and site offices to the exact specification of our customers. Whether you need the economy of a single size or the spaciousness of a double wide we can always accommodate your needs.

Modular units can be used for any purpose such as construction site offices, mobile classrooms and especially prefab homes. These homes can be pre-built or erected on site by our skilled technicians and engineers. Apart from a variety of floor plans to choose from we focus on customizing a design according to the clients needs. At Absolute Containers the opinions and needs of our customers is of paramount importance. They, after all, bring us repeat business so we structure our design capabilities around our customers? specifications. Our prefabricated units are simple to set up and mobile for easy relocation. Low theft SABS approved PVC piping is used for plumbing and water services and all our units are wired for a 220 volt electric supply in accordance with SABS standards and protocols. There are also a variety of optional extras to choose from such as fly screens for the doors and windows and air-conditioning units.

It is a common sight in our country to see, on a construction site, a rickety shack usually made of materials that are easily procured from the site and surrounding areas serving as a site office. When you walk in, especially on a sweltering summer afternoon, you start sweating profusely before you even get into the door (if there is a door) and perhaps you wonder: How the heck can I run a site this size from a run-down sweatbox like this? Well we wonder the same thing. Wouldnt your work and attitude improve with an air-conditioned, spacious, fully furnished site office? At Absolute Containers we understand the challenges faced by construction site managers and the responsibilities they hold. Thats why its important for them to have adequate office space to perform satisfactorily. We manufacture prefabricated offices fitted with all the luxuries of a normal office. As with our mobile homes, our prefab offices can be erected on site and we have a wide variety of floor plans to choose from or you can give us the specs on how you would like your site offices to look and well design them for you.

At Absolute containers, the manufacture of modular prefabricated buildings is of absolute importance. You could say we made a science out of it. And we are very proud of our ability to accommodate your every need. Whether its homes, offices, class rooms, kiosks or any other structure our fully customizable prefab buildings set the standards in modular prefabricated building manufacture. Come and see us and you will understand why Absolute Containers is the very best choice in your prefab home solutions.