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The Use of Containers for Waste Management Solutions

Used shipping containers can help support the waste management solutions on which our modern throwaway society has become crucially dependent. As the world’s population has grown, so has the mountain of refuse that is the unfortunate legacy of rampant consumerism. The World Bank reports that more than two billion metric tons of municipal solid waste were generated in 2021, mainly by the world’s wealthier countries. Furthermore, around a third of this total was not disposed of safely. In terms of disposal statistics, Europe, Central Asia, and North America led with at least 90%, while Sub-Saharan Africa managed to collect less than half this amount.


Modern Requirements for Waste Management Solutions


Frequently, waste management solutions are hampered by a lack of suitable transport. Specialised vehicles that provide separate storage for each type of refuse are expensive and beyond the reach of many municipalities. By contrast, where the bulk of unwanted debris is destined for a landfill, a used shipping container is far less costly and can be easily transported on a flatbed truck. On the other hand, a municipal dump will have a limited capacity. Furthermore, it is an eyesore and overlooks the importance of recycling as much as possible of the various materials we routinely discard.


Plastic manufacturing is a significant producer of greenhouse gases. Consequently, waste management solutions must focus more on recycling than burying plastic items once they have served their original use. At the same time, deforestation is a growing problem that limits nature’s capacity to replenish the life-giving oxygen in the earth’s dangerously polluted atmosphere. Recycling paper and cardboard can help alleviate this worrying trend. Glass bottles and aluminium drink cans also feature prominently in most dustbins but could help reduce the carbon footprint if recycled.


Including recycling in public waste management solutions need not require the purchase of expensive specialised vehicles. Instead, a row of clearly labelled used shipping containers with suitable openings for the discarded items can provide an effective and economical means for citizens to pre-sort their recyclables before they are transported to the relevant plants. Almost invariably, the energy requirements and risk of generating harmful pollutants are substantially lower when employing recycled raw materials than when required to produce these materials from scratch.


Where to Find Containers for Waste Management


These rectangular storage boxes are cheap, exceptionally robust, and easy to transport, making them an ideal option when developing effective yet affordable municipal or industrial waste management solutions. They may require special protective linings, depending on their proposed use. Absolute Containers offers the opportunity to purchase or lease new or used containers for various purposes. Please feel free to explore our website for more details.

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