Containers for Sale! 6 Innovative Ways to Use Shipping Containers

Typically used in the shipping industry for the transportation of cargo across the globe, shipping containers have become quite an architectural trend with many creative uses. They are for sale at reasonable prices and they are flexible, mobile, and offer easy access to users. Take a look at these innovative ways to use them:

  1. School and classroom development in townships. Children must be educated but school infrastructure is expensive, so many townships use them for classrooms and schools. They are cheap, fast to set up, weather-resistant, and vandal-proof. They can also be equipped with solar power, saving the community money on energy bills.
  2. Spaza shops. Revolutionising the traditional South African spaza shop, small-business entrepreneurs take advantage of the affordable shipping containers for sale to stand out from the rest. Not only are these metal boxes an innovative way to keep overheads low and create a more customer-centric shopping experience, but they also contribute to a townships’ economy.
  3. Pop-up shops. Their size, shape, and sturdy nature make them the perfect pop-up shop, food truck, coffee bar, bakery, or any business that wants to sell food or provide a service. Offering the space entrepreneurs need to run any kind of small retail business, containers make a great canvas to express their individuality and style.
  4. ECO-container homes. Providing a sustainable alternative to brick and mortar, eco-container homes have become a trend. They are innovative and spacious and these rectangular shells produce minimal construction waste. They can also be fitted with solar power.
  5. Workshops and studios. There is nothing better than having your own workspace where you can be creative and throw yourself into your art or DIY hobby. A container can be an ideal space to paint, draw, create, write, design – or can even be used as a gallery to display or sell your work.
  6. Emergency community clinic. Predicted as the future of mobile clinics in Third World countries, emergency container clinics save thousands of lives. They have made it affordable to deliver quality healthcare to communities in remote, high-demand areas. Low-cost healthcare in a metal box, they are tamper-proof, relocatable, modular, sturdy, and can be fitted with all the right equipment.

As you can see, these are not just shipping containers. It is amazing how many uses these big boxes offer. When looking for the best containers for sale that cover a broad range of uses, get in touch with Absolute Containers. We are the leaders in container sales and our containers cater for a broad range of uses.