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4 Reasons Why Shipping Container Sales Are Soaring in South Africa

Shipping containers are known for their toughness and durability, and are a convenient way to transport goods across oceans and add additional secure storage space wherever they are needed. But did you know that these metal boxes are all the rage these days, taking the world, and South Africa, by storm? Sales in South Africa have shot up, resulting in the development of many architectural trends. Here is what South Africans are doing with theirs:

Sustainable, Low-Cost Housing

Homelessness is a huge problem in South Africa, but shipping containers have fast become a popular and more affordable alternative to normal brick and mortar. As the latest architectural trend to hit the low-cost housing real estate market in South Africa, they are versatile, durable, customisable, and transportable. These sturdy steel structures are also ideal for those looking to reduce their environmental footprint, producing minimal waste and allowing for solar power.

Swimming Pools

Every South African can appreciate our scorching hot summer, but few can appreciate the price of swimming pools, and we can hardly blame them. One of the most unique trends boosting sales in South Africa is container swimming pools. Unlike traditional above-the-ground fibreglass or concrete pools that are flimsy, these innovative, spacious architectural gems are robust and long-lasting, they can be placed above or below the ground, and they are transportable. Once sealed, waterproofed, and painted with anti-corrosive paint, they will last a lifetime.

Kiosks and Spaza Shops

Rentals are high, which is why sales are soaring, especially in local townships. As the backbone of South Africa’s township economy, township retail has turned to shipping containers to move their merchandise. Instant, fast food, and retail solutions that tick all the boxes for low overheads, these innovative metal boxes are taking over footprint by footprint, and entrepreneurs using them are thriving.

Urban Container Farms

A greenhouse is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a shipping container, but these rectangular shells provide a great option for city dwellers who either want to save money on produce or eat organic food. Ideal for small backyards, parking lots, or rooftops, they are modular, easy to move, efficient, compact, self-contained, and they can be temperature controlled. As their popularity continues to soar, the cheaper these shells become, the more accessible they are.

We are leading the race in South African container sales, and we have only just gotten started. If you want to snap up one of these stylish rectangular shells, chat with us today.