Container Rentals

Container Rentals – 5 Helpful Tips Before Signing on the Dotted Line


Are you looking for a short-term, secure, and convenient storage option? Or what about a temporary office, classroom, or site accommodation? For many businesses and homeowners, storing or have a temporary site solution is a necessity, but what if you need a container for a short time only? In such a case, purchasing one is not going to make much sense. Rental containers are convenient and more cost-effective and they are removable too because not everyone wants a big metal box staring at them from their kitchen window every day. Before signing up for container rentals just anywhere, avoid costly mistakes with these helpful tips:


Determine the size.

While many suppliers can customise containers to their clients’ needs, rentals come in set sizes that vary from 6 m (20 ft) to 12 m (40 ft) long. Because these are standard sizes, they are easily available and more affordable than customised versions. Should you find yourself stuck on the size, your supplier should be able to help you determine the right one for your needs and the space you have for it.


Decide on the specifications:

It is important to know what you’re looking for, there are a variety of rental containers from storage containers to on-site office containers with or without air-conditioning and insulation. Decide what you need and make sure your door comes with your requirements.


Place it on a hard surface:

Some basic site preparation will be required before you can store a container on your property. It must be placed for easy loading and unloading, so make sure the ground is level and ready before delivery.


Inspect it on delivery:

All units are QC’d prior to delivery, however there may have been movement in transit or the site may not be level, which could cause the unit not to close and open easily.


Deal with A Professional

Shipping containers are a reliable, cost-effective, and convenient solution for short-term and seasonal storage needs but getting the best rental deal can be difficult without the help of a trustworthy supplier, such as Absolute Containers. Whether you are looking for a container to haul, store, manufacture, trade, use as a pop-up shop for an impromptu marketing campaign, or to use as a temporary space to sleep or work, we offer container rentals for every use.