Container Home Rentals

Container Home Rentals: The Answer to SA’s Housing Crisis

Considering using a shipping container as a temporary home or studio? In our current economy, imagine throwing yourself into a 10-year lease with an astronomical rental fee? Once considered as low-key housing, shipping containers have exploded into one of the hottest architectural trends in the building and housing industry.

With millions of these structured abandoned throughout the globe, many South Africans are turning these rectangular boxes into spaza shops, bakeries, fast-food outlets, hair salons, coffee shops, art studios, swimming pools, and homes. Yes, housing. It is no secret that South Africa is neck-deep in a housing shortage crisis, especially in townships, rural communities, and even in urban areas. What builders and architects realise is that not only is this the “green” choice, but it is also the answer to SA’s housing crisis.

Providing the space, materials, and functionality of a traditional house, these are much faster to set up than building a traditional structure, saving on material and labour costs, and leaving extra funds to invest in the interior. And they also offer the option of fitting solar panels and solar geysers, saving the renter further additional costs.

These have proven to be a reliable, cost-effective, and convenient solution for housing needs, but getting the best rentals can be quite testing without the help of a trustworthy supplier. Getting a second life through architecture, our affordable rentals are shaping the low-cost housing industry in South Africa, footprint by footprint.

Invest in Container Rentals

With over thirty years’ experience in sales and rentals and over a decade in customisation, ours reflect the latest technology and architectural trends. Specialising in containers that meet every need from the transportation of goods, storage, site offices, cold rooms, clinics, libraries, spaza shops, classrooms, pop up shops, and studios to homes, our high-grade, galvanized steel containers come in 6 m and 12 m park homes.

Using the best interior and exterior fittings, our rentals provide an instant mobile space solution to suit living needs. They are rustproof, sturdy enough to handle a lot of traffic, and durable enough to handle hurricanes, hail, rain, and extreme heat. Aside from our standard containers, we can also customise them to your bespoke specifications by adding air vents, hot water geysers, lighting, mirrors, windows, cupboards, and plumbing for a urinal, shower and washbasin, and whatever else you require.

We are leading the way in South African container sales and rentals, and we have only just gotten started. Mobile, eco-friendly, durable, cost-effective, and customizable to fit any space and needs, our home rentals are the best and most affordable fit. To find out more about our rates and specials, let us chat.