Container Fraud Prevention Tips to Try Avoid Being Scammed


Check for a VAT Number:
Find out if the company has a VAT number – is the unique code given to each registered company who pays VAT (NPO’s do not generally have a VAT number). It pays to know something about the company you are about to give your money too. Especially if you are about to do business with them.

Make sure company has a landline number (that works):
We may be living in a brave new world of eCommerce and online communication however, telephone numbers still play a vital role in the forward-facing, day-to-day activities with all companies. If you want your clients, potential customers and members of the public to contact you, ensure they able to get hold of you in every possible way. For instance, consider displaying your business phone number on your website, as well as your official company location.

Must have a company registration number:
The company registration is used to identify your company and verify the fact that it is an entity registered with companies House. No two companies can have the same registration number.

Ask for a site viewing:
By asking to view the container you are ensuring that what you are about to spend on is legit, as there is a lot of fraudulent acts around purchasing containers. Also ask to view the site of the company, so you know it is a full standing business. Should there be anything wrong with the business transaction you know exactly where to go in getting whatever issue resolved. Rather be SAFE than SORRY.

Use google maps to confirm:
Enter the company name onto the google map to confirm that the company you are about to do business with is eligible, by the company appearing live in Search, Maps, and other Google services.

If needed request trade reference:
The trade reference helps you understand how a company does business with other companies. It helps understand the morality of the company in question.

Ensure price quoted is a competitive price:
Always check that the price you are going for is not far off from what is being offered on the market, as fraudulent prices are usually much cheaper than market prices. It is always good to know that you are receive the best price of the goods you are being offered by never paying more for what you can get for less.