Container for Sale

Start Your Own Business with a Container for Sale

After a shipping container for sale so you can start your own street food business, or maybe you would like to open your own bakery, clothing boutique, jewellery store, cell phone repair shop, or nail and hair salon?

Refurbished from millions of forgotten containers left on docks throughout the globe, shipping containers have changed the real estate, retail, and eco-building game. Having made a huge splash throughout the globe, these innovative, spacious architectural gems have been used for everything from urban greenhouses, off-the-grid accommodation, classrooms, clinics, swimming pools, art studios, and spaza shops to retail pop-ups.

Sustainable, Mobile, Cheap, and Durable

Eco-friendly, mobile, durable, and quick and easy to set up, these innovative metal boxes are a cost-effective retail solution that tick all the boxes for low overheads. Cheaper than constructing shop premises from scratch, and customizable to fit any space and needs, shipping containers have proven to be popular among young entrepreneurs looking to break into the industry without shelling out exorbitant amounts on rentals and overheads.

We Are Leading the Way in Container Sales and Rentals

If you are up for running a business in a box, then you need to join the worldwide craze with a shipping container for sale from us. With over thirty years’ experience in container sales and rentals, and over a decade in customization, mobile accommodation, storage units, and prefabricated buildings, we are shaping the industry in South Africa, footprint-by-footprint.

Providing a stylish, modern space that can be used as either a temporary or permanent structure, our high-grade, galvanized steel containers come in 6 m and 12 m sizes. Getting a second life through architecture, they are rustproof, sturdy enough to handle a lot of traffic, and durable enough to handle hurricanes, hail, rain, and extreme heat.

We Box Clever

Using the best interior and exterior fittings, we can also customize yours to your bespoke specifications by adding air conditioning, windows, vinyl floors, doors, hatches, lighting, mirrors, display units, shelving, and counters. We can also paint your shop in any colour you desire, fit solar panels, and set up plumbing for a washbasin. In addition to the above installations, all our models are purchased with advanced locking mechanisms, with either a single, double, or roll-up entry door with additional security features.

If you want to snap up one of these stylish rectangular shells, chat with us today.