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Consider Shipping Containers for Hire

Need More Space? Consider Shipping Containers for Hire


The demand for temporary storage space is constantly growing. However, renting fixed premises such as a warehouse is becoming more expensive as that demand grows. Also, many people need or would prefer the greater flexibility offered by a more mobile solution. The situation has created a new revenue stream for one group of manufacturers and retailers. They offer an alternative to renting conventional storage space in the form of shipping containers for hire. It is an option that holds several significant advantages for the end-user.


A Secure Storage Option


For example, construction companies will often need to work at remote sites. When the day’s work is over, and the site largely deserted, keeping building materials, tools and other equipment safe from extremes of weather and opportunistic thieves can be a problem. These rectangular steel boxes, however, protect valuable cargo whilst at sea and on the dockside. While already almost impenetrable, some additional security parts, such as a lockbox, can transform one of these six- or twelve-metre shipping containers available for hire into a veritable fortress.


A Portable Solution


What could be more convenient than the freedom to relocate your temporary storage facility to wherever you need it? When first introduced during the mid-1950s, these units revolutionised the marine freight industry. Though intended mainly to speed up the loading and unloading processes and save labour costs, their design meant they were also easy to transport by road or rail. That means those construction companies could pack everything needed on a remote building site into a single, sufficiently large shipping container for hire and transport it on a flatbed truck. In practice, that’s also how the hiring companies deliver them to their clients.


Adaptable for Special Requirements


Sometimes, a client will need more than just secure, weatherproof storage space. A reputable supplier will have the necessary skills and equipment to modify a standard unit for a specific purpose. For example, efficient temperature control will be crucial if a client requires a temporary facility for storing perishable goods. Fitting a layer of insulating material will prevent heat transference. Adding a refrigeration unit can turn one of these versatile shipping containers for hire into a mobile cold storage unit. Perhaps, your need is for a temporary site office. Suitably converted units will also be available for such purposes.


A Substantial Cost-Saving


Rental periods should be negotiable, allowing for clients with either short- or long-term needs. Either way, the cost will represent a considerable saving compared to renting fixed storage while providing a more versatile solution.


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