Shipping Containers for Sale

Build Your Adult Child Their Own Flat with Shipping Containers for Sale


Is your child finally a young adult and wants to be a bit more independent? Perhaps they have just finished high school, started studying or working, and want their independence as a young adult, but cannot afford to go out on their own and fully support themselves yet.

If you have enough space in your yard and have been thinking about building them a small garden flat, then why not get one or two shipping containers that are available for sale and convert it into a place where they can study, relax, have fun, and start to feel more independent, while you still get to keep them close to home and help them if needed. Plus, you can also save on costs like buying food and doing laundry.

Sure, they will eventually move away from home, but then you can start to rent out the flat or list it on a website like LekkeSlaap or Airbnb, thereby getting the money back that you spent on the shipping containers for sale in the first place.

It is an opportunity to really get creative. You can get their input on how they would like their flat to look on the inside, what features they want, etc. There are a few things to consider and discuss before getting one of the shipping containers for sale to convert into a flat, such as:

  • Do they want a patio on the roof of the shipping container or perhaps a small, rooftop garden? Making a little garden or patio (or both) on top of the container flat can help you optimise your space and create a place where your young adult can relax.
  • Do they want a small garden next to or around the flat? If they are not interested in gardening, do not bother, but if they inherited their grandmother’s green thumb, give them a garden of their own!
  • Where and how do they want to entertain friends? Are you going to make a small living room area in the flat or make that rooftop patio?
  • What are they taking with them when they move to their shipping container garden flat? Moving into your own place, even if it is to a flat in your parents’ garden, means that you might have to leave behind some of your childhood possessions. What do they want to take with when they move? Perhaps you could even have a yard sale.


If you are sold on the idea of making a flat out of shipping containers in your garden, browse our website for shipping containers for sale or contact our team today.