Benefits of Walk-In Freezers

Benefits of Walk-In Freezers

There’s nothing like a cold beer on a hot summer day, is there? How about a delicious meal or a cup of coffee at your favorite restaurant. There’s also no denying that freezers and cold rooms are essential details in the hospitality industry and our modern lives. At Absolute Containers, attention to detail is of the utmost importance to us. You can see it in the efficiency of our services, the professionalism of our staff, and the manufacture of our products. We understand that attention to detail is what brings you (and us) repeat business. Of all the products we manufacture, cold rooms and walk-in freezers are our specialties. The manufacture of equipment for the hospitality industry is a practice of precision. Preparation and cooking are the names of the game but fresh food and produce are the most important. Walk-in freezers and cold rooms require great attention to detail and that is exactly what we provide our clients.

South African weather conditions can be harsh so we engineer our cold rooms and walk-in freezers to cope with strenuous conditions. Standard or customized control panels are also available on request for optimal and easy temperature control. Whether you’re storing venison, beef, or vegetables, our cold rooms or walk-in freezers will keep it fresh for you, ready for preparation and consumption. We also use your choice of plain or fluted panels in the manufacture of your cold rooms or freezers. We deliver and construct mobile or free-standing units wherever and whenever you need it. All cooler and freezer parts like condensing units and expansion valves are carefully packed and, along with the paneling, are ready for assembly by our skilled staff. Apart from cold rooms and walk-in freezers we also container reefers that can be used as mobile frozen/cold storage. There is no end to what we can achieve with our products.

At Absolute Containers, we understand that your business depends on functional equipment and that’s exactly what we provide. We strive to please our customers and will readily go the extra mile for our clients. All our units are available for sale or rental but we can almost guarantee that, after one use, you will most certainly want to buy it. As your business grows, so does your storage needs and our customized units can be altered to provide extra storage space. We can say with absolute certainty that you will be pleased with the level of service we provide.

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