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Container Rentals – The Options and Benefits

Many of the millions of shipping containers manufactured worldwide will never find their way onto a cargo vessel. Of the millions that do fulfil their intended role, not all will live out their lifespan at sea. Most will be decommissioned long before their usefulness has passed – in some cases, after just a single voyage. While, at one time, these used vessels would have been sold for scrap and recycled or lain idle, there is now a high demand for container rentals.

In practice, new or used units in good condition are equally suitable for shipping purposes, and renting offers a cheaper option, especially for one-off use by an emigrating family. Today, however, an increasing number of leased units are destined for more innovative applications onshore. For example, companies and individuals often require some temporary storage capacity. A construction company might need a secure facility to store vehicles, equipment, and materials overnight. A family might require somewhere to keep furniture while their home is being refurbished. In each case, container rentals offer a cost-effective solution in the form of a durable steel structure that is windproof and watertight.

However, providing a temporary storage facility is only one of several uses for these metal boxes. They can accommodate people just as effectively with just a few modifications. Add a door and a window or two to admit natural light and fresh air and connect to a generator to power lighting and PCs. The result is a relatively basic mobile office and a typical example of how many companies now benefit from container rentals. The structure could be insulated, air-conditioned, and lined with EPS panels for added comfort. Add some comfortable seating, and that basic site office could become a smart-looking sales office.

A six-metre box will often be more than adequate for the applications described. However, if more space is required, 12-metre versions are also available. Furthermore, given their metallic composition and standard proportions, two or more units may be welded together to provide as much additional space as required. These larger structures form the basis for some of the top-of-the-range products now available from a leading container rental company in South Africa.

Park homes assembled from used shipping containers have gained worldwide popularity due to escalating building costs. The options are numerous and include temporary classrooms, clinics, laboratories, and libraries. While much of the demand for temporary workspace results from the pandemic, leasing this type of accommodation makes sound economic sense at any time. Have a chat with the experts at Absolute Containers about container rentals and explore some of the economical options that could benefit you or your business.