Affordable Shipping Containers

Save Money or Make Money with the Excellent Shipping Containers at Absolute Containers

Everyone’s talking about shipping containers – and for very good reasons. An architectural trend that has swept the globe, people are finding the most innovative ways to utilise these practical metal boxes.

From spaza to pop up shops, cellular repair stores, libraries, urban farms, classrooms, swimming pools, workshops, and art studios to man caves – shipping containers come in a variety of sizes and colours. And they can even be customised to suit your specific needs.

Flexible, Eco-Friendly, Customisable, Durable, and Affordable

Typically used in the shipping industry for transportation of cargo across the globe, these flexible Lego boxes are eco-friendly and sustainable. Solar panels and geysers can easily be installed, and you can even set up a rainwater harvesting system.

Owing to their steel structural integrity, they are rustproof, sturdy enough to handle high-traffic, and durable enough to handle hail, rain, and extreme heat, making them safe from intruders.

Compact and temperature-controlled, shipping containers make it easy to avoid high rentals, add an extra room to your home, start a business, or use as a studio or classroom. They are easy to move, practical, and flexible, and they are affordable. You will be surprised at how easy it is to purchase one and get it delivered to your door.

Although they can be easy to find, getting the best container can be a challenge without the help of a trustworthy supplier, such as Absolute Containers.

Our Shipping Containers Cover a Broad Range of Uses

With over thirty years’ experience in sales and rentals, and over a decade in container customisation, mobile accommodation, storage units, and prefabricated buildings, we are shaping the retail and the building industry in South Africa.

Providing South Africans with a space that can either be a temporary or permanent structure, our high-grade, galvanised steel containers come in 6 m and 12 m sizes.

As experts in customisation, we have years of experience in outfitting containers with air conditioners, windows, vinyl floors, doors, hatches, lighting, mirrors, display units, shelving, and counters.

In addition to our standard and customised models, all our containers come with advanced locking mechanisms, with either a single, double, or roll-up entry door with additional security features. We can also set up plumbing for a washbasin if required.

Some time ago, it would have been odd using a shipping container for anything other than transporting goods, but today, these humble metal boxes are helping people save money and even make money. Whether you want to purchase or rent, we have the right shipping container for you.