Shipping Container Rentals

Where to Find Affordable and Reliable Shipping Container Rentals


Whether you need to ship or store goods, shipping containers offer a reliable and affordable solution. But beware, not all are of equal quality. The last thing you need is for your content to get stolen, damaged, or otherwise compromised. It’s therefore imperative that you find a trusted supplier who provides quality shipping container rentals at competitive prices, like Absolute Containers.

With more than a decade’s worth of experience in shipping container rentals, sales, and conversions, our innovative designs, exceptional service, and quality products have earned us a solid reputation as the go-to supplier of quality storage products. Our expert team includes individuals with a variety of skills ranging from supply chain management to architecture, construction, engineering, interior decorating, alternative energy, and more. This allows us to execute top-quality conversions. As such, our range of rentals include:

  • Storage Containers: We offer 6 and 12-metre storage rentals. These are ideal to use for temporary storage purposes and come with an optional extra lockbox for enhanced security, available upon request.
  • Basic Office Design: These are suitable for equipment storage and filing, and are available as short- or long-term rentals. Unit features include electrics for your office convenience and windows for natural light and air.
  • Insulated Executive Office Models: The executive office solution comes with aircon and insulation, allowing for regulated temperature as required, a three-lever lock for improved security, and EPS panels for a clean, open finish.
  • Park Homes: These provide an instant mobile space solution to suit your needs. They are insulated both inside and outside, and can easily be relocated. Furthermore, they provide extra width (available in 3 or 6-metre width), so they’re very suitable for use as classrooms and boardrooms.

In addition to our innovative shipping container rentals, we also offer an even wider range of conversion solutions for sale, including reefers, ablution facilities, access control units, custom-made conversions, and many more.

These shipping container rentals are the ideal solution when you require a structure for temporary storage purposes, or when you need an instant solution to meet interim accommodation or office needs. They are inexpensive, solid, easy to secure, and readily available across South Africa for a wide range of needs. What’s more, we can deliver these to you wherever you are in the country, with sufficient prior arrangement. To find out how we can help you solve your storage or accommodation challenges, contact our expert team today.