A Buyer’s Guide to Purchasing Shipping Containers for Sale

There are many possible uses for shipping containers for sale in cities worldwide. However, buyers must be sure to choose one that fully meets their needs. When first introduced in 1956, these rugged steel boxes revolutionised the freight shipping industry. Their design allowed them to be packed with goods and transported by road or rail to the departure port, where a crane could lift them and their contents directly onto a freighter in a mere fraction of the time previously required for stevedores to transfer a cargo item by item.


Types and Sizes of Shipping Containers for Sale

Since those early days, containers have evolved, and there are now several different types and sizes to choose from. The following are a few things to consider before you buy shipping containers:

  • Size: Containers come in several sizes. The most common are approximately six and twelve metres long. Therefore, it is necessary to select a shipping container for sale that can accommodate the volume of goods you intend to house. A six-metre unit has an internal volume of around 37 cubic metres, while the larger one holds around 75 cubic metres.
  • Purpose: Containers are no longer limited to transporting road, rail, and sea freight. Today, they are often used as long- or short-term storage units and second garages. Given the escalating construction costs, containers are frequently converted into homes, offices, clinics, libraries, ablution blocks, or spaza shops and pop-up food outlets for the entrepreneur.
    Where the need is not for long-term use, a buyer can enjoy substantial savings by purchasing used shipping containers. Pre-owned units should always be carefully scrutinised for signs of rust, holes, and large dents. Even refurbished units are often cheaper than new ones.
  • Type: Shipping containers for sale are an obvious choice for people relocating overseas and wishing to ship furniture and personal effects. However, these metal storage boxes are more often used by manufacturers to export consumer goods. While items like motor parts, computers, and TVs can be safely packed into standard containers, perishable items, like fresh meat, fish, flowers, and pharmaceuticals, must be kept in a controlled environment to prevent spoilage. Some units are designed merely to control the temperature inside the container, while others are more sophisticated and able to regulate oxygen and carbon dioxide levels and airflow. Ensuring the right choice is critical for maximising the shelf lives of perishable items.


Shipping Containers for Sale in Pretoria

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