2,4m x 12m Accommodation Unit (2 Bedroom)

2,4m x 12m Accommodation Unit (2 Bedroom)


+/- R 255 000.00

Excluding VAT & Transport


Two bedroom, one bathroom with open plan living room. Manufactured using a 12m “B” Grade Shipping container.

Size: 28,8 m2

Extra features (additional cost):

  • Exterior skirting
  • Flyscreens for windows and doors
  • Air conditioning
  • Security
  • Solar Solutions
  • Furniture + Flooring



  • Steel Window with Burglar Guards Installed
  • External Geyser Cage
  • Steel Door with 3 Lever Lock
  • Panel Single Door with 3 Lever Lock
  • Sliding Wooden Single Door Installed Complete with 3 Lever Lock
  • Primed & painted – Grey


  • Plumbing & electrical points (Bulkhead light, Light switch, Double LED Light, Double pint plug)
  • Panel Partition
  • Bathroom fitted with basin + hot water cold water
  • Bathroom facilities includes toilet (excl. partition and door) + shower installed with partition, shower tray and curtain & mixer.
  • Stainless Steel Sink
  • Insulate 12m GP Container with 40mm EPS and 0.47mm CDK Cladding
  • Black Rubberising flooring
  • 150-liter Geyser installed


PT661Panel Doors2D/B Box1Toilet1Paint OutsideYes
PT12123Wood Sliding Door14 Foot Light4Basin1InsulateYes
Blinds3Steel Combi Door1D/P4Shower1Partition4
Single Bowl1Geyser 150L1PF Top2m
Light Switch4Single SinkPaint Floor28.8m2