Shipping Container Pool: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Do you know shipping containers make some of the most luxurious and stylish swimming pools? Yes, these are the new swimming pools in town. They are affordable, durable, easy to install and cost effective swimming pools.

In this shipping container pool buying guide, I am going to discuss the benefits, parts, cost, design options, installation and FAQ about this accessory.

So today, I am here to help you acquire your dream pool by investing in a suitable shipping container pool.


Chapter 1: What is a Shipping Container Pool?

Do you know what a shipping container is?
I am talking about the cuboid shaped containers made from steel with corrugated walls. The containers designed to transport and store products/goods during shipping.

I know this may sound strange…don’t worry you will appreciate these types of swimming pools in a moment. Just like you can fabricate shipping containers to make a house, you can also use it to make a swimming pool.

Today, a number of pool building companies fabricate these shipping containers to make swimming pools. From these big transporting steel boxes, people are building unique swimming pools of different designs, shapes, and sizes.

For instance, you opt for a pool made from a shipping container that has a fiberglass insert or different pool liner materials.

The best part:
Shipping container swimming pools are relocatable. That is, you can move them from one point to another using cranes and setting them up take only a few minutes.

Now that you know what a shipping container swimming pool is, let me show you why you need it.


Chapter 2: Benefits of Shipping Container Pools (Here’s Why You Need It)

If you go on the internet right now, you’ll find countless posts about how many people are transforming used shipping containers into pools busting with unique charm. It is so refreshing to see the different approaches that people have taken to transforming these containers into fantastic swimming pools.

But wait a minute:
Why do you think people are so much into the shipping container pool craze?
Why do you think these structures are gaining so much popularity right now?
Why should you as a homeowner want to install a shipping container pool in your home?
I know these are some of the questions you could be asking yourself right now.

Here is some truth:
Having and using a pool built from shipping containers comes with lots of benefits.

The good thing is that people are coming to this realization and are starting to take action towards the same. If you already own a shipping container pool, I bet you know what I’m talking about.

Like how affordable these pools are compared to the conventional models as well as the flexibility and versatility that accompanies them. I mean, containers are just an all-around winner when it comes to owning a swimming pool.

In the following sections, I’m going to highlight some of the benefits of shipping container pools.

2.1. Easy to Set Up and Install
A shipping container pool comes as fully functional units. It comes with plumbing, heating and electrical systems already installed as well as other features. With this pool, all you need to do is get the foundation ready.
When the pool is delivered you will install it, fill it up with water and you are good to go. There are no extra installation hustles and costs associated with shipping container pools.

2.2. Customizable for More Stylish Shapes & Designs
The goodness of shipping container pools is that they can be modified to accommodate the specific style and functionality that you want. You can have a divider included in the pool so that one part is the pool and another a Jacuzzi/hot tub.

Similarly, your pool can be customized with LED lightings and even front windows for close monitoring of the happenings inside the pools. The window thing is especially useful for homes with children. It makes it easy for adults to monitor their kids inside the pool.

2.3. They are Affordable than Most Concrete Swimming Pools
Thousands of shipping containers are dumped every day for sale as second-hand items. This abundance has made shipping containers readily available and thus very affordable.

Please note:
It is the containers themselves that make up the primary structure of the shipping container pool. And while there will be other costs involved in creating the pool to your taste, container pools still represent huge savings as compared to traditional swimming pools.

This lack of structural works also makes it easier and possible for people with little architectural experience to build container pool to completion.

2.4. Steel is a Durable Material & So is Shipping Container Pools
Shipping containers had a very tough exterior that’s made of prefabricated steel and welded together. These containers are sturdy, robust and hardwearing. For those living in disaster-prone areas, a shipping container is a convenient option for swimming pool. They are built to withstand the harshest weather conditions, i.e., hurricanes and earthquakes. In other words, containers are built to last. As such, a shipping container pool will allow you and your family with years of fun-filled swimming.

2.5. Shipping Pool Containers Guarantees Flexibility in Installation
Container pools are not meant to be permanent at one spot. They are very mobile and can thus be transported easily any day anytime. This means that if at one point you move houses/locations, you can easily bring your container pool with you to your new home.

As you can see, these shipping container swimming pools have so many benefits. Maybe, it’s time to consider one for your backyard. But before that, let’s review the different parts and components of these pools.


Chapter 3: Parts of a Shipping Pool Container

Like the traditional in ground swimming pools or above ground swimming pools, this accessory is also made up of different parts and components. Depending on the shipping container pool manufacturer, these accessories may have varying parts or components.

Still, take note of this:
Irrespective of the design, structure, sizes or shape the shipping container swimming pools tend to have common parts and components They all feature an almost similar working mechanism, and all serve the functions; to provide fun, enjoyment, and entertainment. Here are the main things that your shipping pool container must have;

3.1. Swimming Pool Pump
The pump takes note the heart of any swimming pool. Your container pool, therefore, should have a quality and efficient pool pump. A pump that is functionally effective in moving pool waters daily through the filtering system to remove dirt and unwanted debris off it.

The job of a swimming pool pump is to draw water from the pool, pass it through the filters and back into the pool. This procedure to prevent your pool waters from stagnating, thereby keeping algae and harmful bacteria at bay.
Take note that running a swimming pool requires a lot of input, from physical, mental to financial.

As such, you want to ensure that everything including the pump is well structured and fitted before you install and use it. Container pools’ pumping systems are often located below the stairs and deck.

3.2. Shipping Container Filtration System
Like the pumps, a filtration system is very essential for any swimming pool. As such, you have to ensure that your container pool has a fully functional filtration system. Most pools, especially the outdoor ones tend to accumulate lots of dirt and debris.

What’s more?
Swimming pools tend to be infiltrated with algae especially during the humid months and when pool waters are left to stagnate. It for this reasons that a proper filtration system is essential to keep your pool waters clean throughout.
Again, like the pumps, container pools’ filtration systems can be located under the stairs and deck.

3.3. Shipping Container Swimming Pool Heater
A heater is an absolute necessity to help in the control of the temperature of your container pool water. Many of you that live in a warm climate may think that a heater is not that important to have. In any case, you are the people that can benefit the most from having a heater in your container pools.

A heater in your container pool can help extend your swimming season two or even three times longer than you are used to. Without a heating system, your pool can cool down considerably notwithstanding when the days are still very warm.

So don’t worry because containers often come with heating systems already installed and all cost is inclusive of this. All you have to do is to inspect the pol to ensure that the heater is of good quality and that it works.

Also, note that the pools are fitted with different types of heaters. It could be an electric heater, gas heater, propane heater or solar heater. Just choose the container pool with the kind of heater that you most prefer.

3.4. Child Safety Door
Of all parts, the child safety door is one of the vital components of a shipping pool container. Manufacturers ensure that this part doesn’t miss due to the safety roles in plays especially for families with kids.

A child safety door provides restricted access to the swimming pool. Once this door is locked, you can rest assured that kids or pets won’t get into the pool unauthorized or unsupervised. All this helps to reduce the chances of swimming pool drowning and other related accidents.

3.5. Swimming Pool Liner
So what is a pool liner?

Also known as a vinyl liner, a swimming pool liner is a membrane that covers the pool’s interior surfaces. It helps to hold or contain the pool waters. Shipping container pools do make use of these liners to help make them watertight. The liners could be vinyl, layers of plywood, or just watertight welding and paint.
Extra layers of steel that are rust treated and painted are also used in some container pools.

3.6. Shipping Container Swimming Pool Stairs
Above ground container pools have stairs that lead up to the pool. Of course, it is essential to have stairs for any aboveground pool otherwise getting on and off the pool can be troublesome.

The stairs can be wooden, concrete, steel, etc. Whatever material and design you prefer. That is the goodness of shipping container pools – they are versatile.


Chapter 4: Shipping Pool Container vs. Traditional Pools (Ultimate Comparison of the Key Features)

Shipping container pools provide homeowners with an option to consider when it comes to owning a swimming pool. I know most people are used to the traditional concrete swimming pools. However, this is not the case with the innovations and developments in the swimming pool industry.

As a swimming pool enthusiast, it is worth trying something new. Probably, you could be having several thoughts in your mind on the type of swimming pool you should go for. Well, below is an ultimate comparison between shipping pool container vs. traditional pools.

4.1. Swimming Pool Price
One thing that comes up when discussing these two swimming pool option is cost. If you research around especially on the internet, you will find that advertisers are praising the container pools as being the ultimate cost saving pool option.

And that is a fact that I cannot deny – they guarantee significant cost saving. Well, there is no doubt that a shipping container pool will allow you to save some money. Of course after buying the used shipping container, you will fabricate it then add other accessories such as:

  • Plumbing systems
  • Waterproofing material
  • Filters, etc.

Even with all these, there is a high chance that you will save a reasonable amount of money in the long run. However, one thing that may be a turnoff for shipping container pools is the possibility of the price hiking up if you considers too many custom features. Of course, the situation is not different when it comes to the concrete pools too.

4.2. Which Swimming Pool Guarantees Flexibility?
When I talk of flexibility, in this case, I am referring to the movability factor. Shipping container pools can be moved from one location to another with ease.
So when you are moving locations or merely want to upgrade your pool, you can easily relocate with it or even sell it to a willing buyer. All you need to move this pool is uninstall it and put it on a truck to wherever. Traditional pools can’t be moved…we all know that.

They are permanently built into or on the ground.
This means that when you no longer want the swimming pool the only option, you would have if to demolish it from its spot. If you are moving homes, you just have to leave the pool to the new owners. You can factor in the cost of the pool in the selling price of the home or just leave it.

4.3. Versatility of the Swimming Pool
The truth is:
Shipping container pools are more versatile compared to traditional pools.

But is it so?

I think they are equally versatile. Both pools can be designed according to whatever the owner desires. This includes the shape, size, custom features, etc. None of the pools limits you to one design, shape or size. Maybe the shipping container may limit you to some extent due to its material and the structure. Still, you can fabricate to any shape depending on your specifications.
But the reality is – the process will only increase the cost of the pool.


Chapter 5: Shipping Container Pool Options (Which Pool Option Suits You Best?)

Owning a shipping container pool can happen in different ways. You can order a custom-made pool from the manufacturers, buy an existing model or build one from scratch. It all depends on what you find most preferable to you.
But oh well! It doesn’t matter how you get the pool, as they say, the end justifies the means. So if you want to own a shipping container pool, you can consider the following options;

5.1 Buy Custom Made Container Swimming Pool
As an option, you can have your pool custom made to your specifications. This means that the pool will have to work with your needs and budget. Take note that this may not be cheapest out there, but it is the easiest way to get your dream swimming pool in the form of a shipping container pool.

Also, although expensive, custom-made container pool will allow you have your dream pool, with all the features and functional ability that you desire.
So here is the thing; when it comes to custom-made container pools, you can order one that has an existing base model and then gets it customized to your taste.

You can as well just choose your custom features from the start and have the pool designed similarly from scratch. One important thing that you should note about these two options is that they are relatively expensive. And between the two custom-made options, there is quite a wide margin in the cost range.

Nonetheless, you can still save some money if you choose your features in consideration of your budget. Getting your pool custom made also helps you to avoid some of the common mistakes made by those building container pools themselves without even a little bit of architectural experience and research.

5.2 Buy Existing Container Swimming Pool
The other option to getting a container pool is to buy an existing unit. Honestly, this is way much easier than even the first option. It is also less draining both mentally and physically because you know exactly what you are getting in advance. Unlike the first option where you can get disappointed when your container pool is not built according to how you ordered it.

Note that while buying an existing unit may be cheaper and easier, it has limited flexibility. This is to mean that you can’t make this pool your own as you would with a custom made one. Nonetheless, if you can get a suitable container pool that has features you love, and that is within your price range, you can give this option a shot.

5.3 Build your Container Swimming Pool
As an alternative to buying a custom-made container pool or an existing one, you can also build your pool by yourself. If you have even the slightest architectural/structural idea, building a shipping container pool by yourself shouldn’t be a big deal.

Also, if you are the kind of people that like to learn new things, you can try your hand at building a shipping container pool for you and your family. But why build by yourself when you can easily order one to be made for you?

Well, among all options provided herein, the DIY approach can save you lots of money in return. By building the pool yourself, you get to monitor and control every single thing that concerns the pool. This allows you to create your pool exactly how you want it.

It in a way gives you the opportunity to turn your swimming pool dreams into reality. Also, you get to know how everything functions from the heaters, filters, etc. You get to know if the pool is safe and if the materials used are of good quality. If you are looking to find out more to get your very own container swimming pool give our team a call.