A-SIP Alternative Building System


Suitable for permanent or semi-permanent installations where compliance with the building code is a requirement.

Designed to comply with SANS10400 and carrying an Agrement Certificate the system meets all building code requirements.

Basic system

  • 30 Minute Fire Rating (upgradable to 60 minutes where required)
  • Excellent Acoustic Properties (45DB Sound Reduction on Walls upgradable to 60DB)

Why Use the A-Sip Systems

  • Improved energy efficiency due to a much more airtight construction than conventional building systems
  • Quicker to build
  • Cost Effective from entry level to high-end
  • Flexible
  • Can be Factory Built


The system is designed for lower cost or high end and the walls can be finished accordingly.

Options include painting the panels directly or a high-end render finish can be applied.