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Industrial Waste Bins


Does your business create too much waste for a normal bin?

Absolute Containers provides Flexibility and Saves you Time in doing tedious trips to the garbage dump emptying out  your small bin every day or two.

That is why you can conveniently choose between

5.5 m and 6m x 2.44 m x 2.50m – Industrial Waste Bins.

Because you deserve only the highest quality products we pride ourselves by employing excellent workmanship and
maintaining standards of exceptional quality.

Specifications of our industrial bins

  • Painted Exterior.
  • Primed Interior.
  • Marine Ply Floor (32 mm) or Rubber Lining to ensure longevity of the wooden floor.
  • Holding chains for doors.

Waste Bin Mechanism

  • 150 mm diameter hook lift fitted onto a frame with a 100mm plate to support the hook lift.
  • 2 x 300 mm rollers at the door end.
  • Double opening doors.

Waste Bin Undercarriage

  • 2x150 mm channel skids incorporating a frame.
  • Rollers strengthened by 75 mm angle cross braces.
  • Gussets are welded to the container undercarriage to keep the frame intact.

Waste Bin Roof

  • We provide covered waste bins and open waste bins where the roof has been removed. The choice is yours.
  • Top rail – 50 mm x 50 mm.

Waste Bin Doors

  • Original container doors.

Waste Bin Painting

  • We supply waste bins in your desired colour. The colour of paint can be customised to suit your corporate