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Container Buildings

An idea whose time seems to have arrived is the use of stockpiled shipping containers as units for container buildings. Several architects and builders are taking advantage of this surplus to recycle the containers.

At Absolute Containers we offer prefabricated, or prefab, shipping container buildings, which you can live in almost right out of the box. These prefab homes usually come equipped with power, water, and sometimes even central heating and air.

Shipping container buildings address the high impact associated with traditional building materials. Instead of using new materials that have to be manufactured, shipping container homes reclaim old shipping crates and use them to create prefabricated structures. Shipping containers can be stacked vertically or lined up side-by-side to create residential or commercial buildings.

Containers offer several housing solutions: they are faster to build, cheaper and more environmentally sound than brick and mortar.

Absolute Containers offers a unique way of reducing pollution, by designing structures that reuse these shipping containers in an innovative way. With just a few adjustments, shipping containers can be used as part of an excellent approach to sound home building.

Shipping containers will provide housing and shelters in this rapidly changing world for many people who badly need homes. You can think of shipping containers as the building blocks, or modular units for the home. Shipping containers can be used in conjunction with factory steel, or lumber site-built structures to form any shape you desire for your home.

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Benefits of Shipping Container Buildings


Made with weathered steel, shipping containers can withstand most natural events and heavy weather

Ease of Use

Already in block shape, shipping containers can easily be used to create homes. Build a home vertically or expand horizontally. It is like building with giant LEGOs.

Modern Design

Creating a home using shipping containers is creating art. Clean lines, colourful, shipping container homes will be a discussion piece for you and your guests.

Shipping containers

Self-supporting with beams and stout, marine-grade plywood flooring already in place, thereby eliminating time and labour during the home-building process.