Luxurious Container Homes

Luxurious Container Homes

Container homes can be seen just about anywhere these days, not so? It seems they’re becoming quite popular. And it makes sense. After all, containers can be converted into any type of home with all the necessary conveniences like plumbing and electricity. Here at Absolute Containers we convert containers into luxurious homes daily. But, when it comes to container homes, there are some really amazing ones out there. Now, when it comes to buying homes many people still prefer good, old-fashioned bricks and mortar. But times change and even bricks and mortar eventually have to give way to something new and improved. In this article I hope to show you some of the amazing container conversions from all across the globe.

We all dream of owning a beautiful home but it’s not always feasible due to financial concerns. Well, some people are undaunted by that and will find more creative ways to build a home. Take, for instance, this lovely home in Antwerp, Belgium. Designed by Sculp(IT), this four story home has been built entirely out of shipping containers. The bottom floor is used for reception and dining and the top floors are used for living and sleeping and, to enjoy the view, there’s a Jacuzzi on the roof. If the city live is too much for you, how about a nice home on the beach. Well, if you ever happen to be in Redondo Beach, California you might come across a gorgeous home also made from shipping containers. But, by looking at its beautiful, posh exterior and 20 foot high ceilings you’ll never guess it. Designed by Peter DeMaria Design, this magnificent home is kitted with all the luxuries like an artist studio and a pool. And it’s right next to the beach. Now that’s serious style.

If we think of exquisite artwork a number of place names may come into mind. One of those names may be Paris, France. The French are certainly creative people, aren’t they? Well, if you head north to a town called Lille you might find another beautiful French creation. This creation, however, is not on a piece of canvas but a home built from shipping containers. Designed by Progeco Dunkirk and Patrick Partouche this stylish home was made from 8 shipping containers with a trendy interior and lots of space and it took only 3 days to build. Every home has its own artistic touch and a shipping container home in Brisbane, Australia is no exception. Made from 31 shipping containers, this luxury home sports several balconies, a patio and a pool and a beautiful wooden exterior finish. It’s also decorated with graffiti art (on purpose) that gives it a unique look.

Of course, if you’re looking for trendy, you won’t do better than Williamsburg, Brooklyn in New York, with its beautiful turn-of-the-century brownstones and quaint little shops. An unusual home is currently being constructed in Williamsburg that would probably turn a few heads. This three story home is built entirely out of shipping containers, 21 of them in total. Although not finished yet, it will feature a fireplace, several outdoor decks and a home theater complete with stadium seating, a pool and even an underground garage. This gorgeous home has been designed by the architect company LOT-EK and, when it’s completed, will only add to this trendy and stylish neighborhood that was once home to several famous personalities like Barry Manilow and Barbara Streisand, just to name a few.

Beautiful homes are only one of the amazing applications we can create here at Absolute Containers. No matter what you’re looking for, we can create it for you. We specialize in container conversions and we can readily customize any conversion for our customers. We make mobile classrooms, walk-in freezers, ablution facilities, guard houses, mobile clinics and, yes, luxury homes. So, don’t you think it’s about time that you go modern and come see us about a container conversion just for you? Come and pay us a visit or check out our amazing selection of conversions. I bet you we can find something in your size.