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Cost-Effective Container E-Homes

Building a More Sustainable Future With Cost-Effective Container E-Homes


The building industry is responsible for over 35% of global energy usage and at least 40% of the world’s carbon footprint. Container e-homes promise a more sustainable option. Worldwide, we extract around 100 billion tonnes of raw materials from the earth every 12 months. Of that mindblowing amount, roughly half will be used by the building and construction sector while also creating approximately a third of the world’s waste.


On the bright side, builders and architects are now exploring ways to utilise some of this waste, saving money and safeguarding the earth’s dwindling natural resources. The conversion of used shipping containers into eco-friendly or so-called e-homes is perhaps one of the most successful applications of recycling in the history of construction.


The Factors That Make Container E-Homes More Cost-Effective


Anyone seeking to purchase a house in South Africa will be only too aware of sky-high property prices while many authorities predict further increases. The bulk of the cost stems from labour and materials, and recycling can offer a means to reduce both.


  • Reduced Construction Time


Conventional construction methods require labourers to dig footings on which to erect concrete or brick walls and lay a concrete screed to provide flooring. Once in place, one must allow time for the concrete to cure or the mortar to set. The next step will be to add the roof, which may also require tiling. When converting a shipping container, the walls, flooring, and ceiling are prefabricated and only require internal and external finishing. A project can be completed in just a few weeks. The time saved means building container e-homes involves markedly lower labour costs.


  • Reduced Materials Requirement


In addition to being far quicker than a conventional build, converting used shipping containers minimises the need for other building materials. For example, the only concrete required will be that which is necessary to construct a level base on which to position them.


  • Improved Energy Efficiency


As well as being substantially less expensive to construct, container e-homes can also offer their inhabitants a more economical lifestyle. Efficient insulation on the interior of the walls and ceiling can eliminate heat transfer, reducing bills for air conditioning and heating. In addition, fitting some solar panels could cover most, if not all, of the occupants’ energy needs and will also avoid the inconvenience of load shedding.


Where is it Best to Order Container E-Homes in South Africa?


With almost 15 years in the business and combined knowledge and expertise of more than 30, Absolute Containers is an acknowledged leader in designing and constructing modular buildings from shipping containers. Please feel free to browse some examples of our eco-friendly park homes.

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