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At Absolute Containers we offer prefabricated, and / or shipping container buildings for sale that usually come equipped with power, water, and sometimes even central heating and air depending on your individual requirements.

When deciding to construct a container building it is important to take note that proper planning, expertise, and resources are required to construct a mobile building. Shipping container buildings allow for old shipping containers crates to be reclaimed and used to create prefabricated structures. Furthermore, shipping containers can be stacked vertically or lined up, side-by-side to create residential or commercial buildings.

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Making use of containers to erect a building is cheaper than the cost involved with constructing a brick-and-mortar building. However, there are various factors that could lead to a significant increase in price, such as grade of container used, the total amount of container used, transportation, materials used for finishing’s.

Absolute Containers offers a unique way of reducing pollution, by designing structures that reuse these shipping containers in an innovative way. With just a few adjustments, shipping containers can be used as part of an excellent approach to sound home building. Available sizes include 6m and 12m shipping containers, and high cube containers are also available should you be looking for extra height.

Benefits of shipping container buildings

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Wind and watertight

Able to withstand most natural events and heavy weather conditions

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Modern design

Aesthetically pleasing and quick to construct

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Can be up to 60 percent cheaper than the cost involved in constructing a brick-and-mortar building

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Rigid structure

Has self-supporting beams, marine-grade plywood flooring in place, thereby providing a rigid structure that helps eliminate time and labour during the building process

Buying from a reputable container company that has a good track record is essential when deciding to purchase a container otherwise you might end up spending time and money making a bad purchase and possibly compromising your container building. Generally, you would prefer for the container conversion to take place on container companies’ site you are purchasing from and then delivered and connected to a sewage system, electricity, and water supply on site. It is also equally important to ensure building and safety regulations are adhered to when deciding to construct a container building, Absolute Containers can assist you in ensuring your floor plan is compliant with specific council regulations, let us help you contrast the ideal container building – houses, call centres, office’s, add..

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